At the Portage School of Leaders, we make connections—with students’ interests, with each other, and with the broader community.

High school students deserve an education that engages them and takes them seriously—that offers them a sense of ownership and agency.

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To claim your seat, you'll need:

Proof of residency

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Proof of guardianship

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most parents have questions as they make the important decision of where to enroll their child.

The Portage School of Leaders is a reimagining of the high school experience. We believe that students thrive in a high school educational experience that engages them and takes them seriously—a school that offers a sense of ownership and agency.

Students learn in a setting that emphasizes integrating the academic disciplines, engaging with students’ interests, and making connections with the community and the broader world. At the Portage School, students can expect a learning experience that is not only rigorous—with high expectations for every student—but also filled with vigor, wonder, and connection.

The school will be in session from 8:45am to 3:45 pm Monday through Friday, but what happens each day at the Portage School of Leaders will be far from ordinary. A given school day starts with our morning all-school gathering and then could include interdisciplinary classes, time in our future lab or maker space, one-on-one conversations with teachers, collaborative and meaningful project-based learning, lunch in our welcoming “classeteria,” or public presentations of student work.

Students will engage in rich, project-based learning through experiences inside and outside of the school. For the 2023-2024 year, after-school extracurricular activities will be offered in coordination with Career Academy South Bend.

The curriculum will focus on engaging student interest, making connections between subject areas, and providing opportunities to develop knowledge and skills at a deep level. Our challenging coursework will cover Indiana State Standards—students will earn academic honors diplomas and have opportunities to earn dual credit and enroll in advanced placement college coursework—and will be competency-based, where students receive feedback across content areas with teachers who know them and have high expectations for their work. Outside of the classroom, students will apply and enhance their learning through experiences in the community on a weekly basis.

We are accepting applications for the class of 2026 and beyond If your child is looking for an engaging high school environment where they will be encouraged to connect learning to their own interests and pursue rich project-based learning and make genuine contributions, the Portage School of Leaders will offer those opportunities. If your child seeks an educational experience outside of the traditional classroom setting, the Portage School of Leaders will offer students the opportunity to flourish who are eager to move into an environment where students have more agency and ownership of their learning.

The Career Academy Network of Schools offers different options for intra-school transportation.  

Once students are registered each family will need to complete a “Shuttle Rider Request

The Portage School of  Leaders is a tuition-free, public high school.  Students will not be charged application or tuition fees for attending the school. 

SchoolMint is an online enrollment and communication platform working with public, charter, and private schools to make the enrollment process for parents easier and faster.

SchoolMint offers options for parents to apply and register with a computer or mobile device. They can upload student documents, check application status, and even select how they prefer to receive school communications – by email or text.

Career Academy Network of Public Schools utilizes this enrollment software to ensure security and timely response to your student’s acceptance.

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